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             Dongguan Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd. moved from Shenzhen to Xiegang Town, Dongguan, since 2005 Engaged in the research and development and production of intelligent thick-film stainless steel heating plates (MMH), thick-film ceramic heating sheets, high-conductivity heating elements, energy-gathering heaters, graphene heaters and other heating components; the factory has three automatic production lines and high-temperature sintering furnaces, The 10,000-level dust-free workshop, our company has a number of patents for thick-film stainless steel heating plates.

             High-conductivity heating element is several times faster than traditional heating pipe, stainless steel heating plate, etc. Even ten times;

             The energy gathering heater is the core part of the company's heating. This heater is independently developed and has knowledge Property rights; product features: "outside cold and inside heat, thermal energy is still"; it is unmatched by other heaters. Widely used in home appliances, industry, automobile, energy, electricity, military and other fields;

             The products produced by the company have fast startup, fast heat transfer, small size, high power, It has the advantages of uniform temperature, large surface heat load, high thermal efficiency, external cooling and internal heating, energy saving and environmental protection.

             Thick-film heaters and high-conductivity heaters, as a new type of heating, will soon replace the traditional Heating mode; changing the traditional heating structure, will usher in a new revolution in the heating industry.

             The company adheres to the tenet of "integrity, quality, service, and efficiency", and customers are welcome to come!



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