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    1. How should thick film heater manufacturers expand their brand competitiveness

      Every year after the year, most industries are in a slightly downturn, and the choice of thick film heaters for the industry is also limited, but the competition of most thick film heater manufacturers and commodities is often very fierce. In the face of increasingly rational thick film heater customers, you will find that a large number of rational customers are gathering more and more towards the right amount of well-known brands. So how should thick film heaters manufacturers expand their bran... [View Details]
    2. What small details should be paid attention to when looking for a glass-ceramic heater

      When looking for a glass-ceramic heater , what small details should I pay attention to? The higher the cost, the better the quality of the product. For example, the quality of products with the same ultra-low cost is definitely not good. However, there are still many people who easily believe the untrue low-price information of the manufacturer. Some small manufacturers pay attention to the low-cost bloggers and lure people to buy them. The glass-ceramic heaters produced by them are so inferior t... [View Details]
    3. How to find a good quality and cost-effective ceramic heater manufacturer

      How to find a ceramic heater manufacturer with good quality and suitable cost? When everyone is looking for a manufacturer, they all want to find a manufacturer with good quality and suitable cost in an area that everyone can afford. This is the case when choosing a ceramic heater manufacturer, so how to find it? When choosing a ceramic heater manufacturer, you need to confirm first, the focus of the ceramic heater you need, and if you look for a manufacturer according to the standards you want, ... [View Details]
    4. How many types of electric heating technology are there?

      目前广泛应用的电加热技术大致有以下几种: 1、电阻加热 这是利用导体直接连接电源产生的焦耳热实现的一种加热方式,有直接加热和间接加热两种形式。工业上的应用主要有电阻加热炉、淬火炉、退火炉、渗碳炉、碳氮共渗炉、氮化炉、烧结炉、焙烧炉和熔化炉等电阻炉。 2、电弧加热 这是利用电弧热实现的加热方式,也有间接和直接两种。作为主要的工业应用,有炼钢用电... [View Details]
    5. The main advantages of electric heating

      Electric heating has the following advantages: 1. High temperature can be obtained In industry, the temperature of about 1500 ℃ can only be obtained by heating the highest temperature with general fuel. However, if an arc or direct energization heating method is used, it can reach a high temperature of over 2000°C. 2. Internal heating of the workpiece can be performed Because it can directly generate heat inside the heated object, high temperature and high efficiency can be obtained. In additi... [View Details]
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